Financial Service Desk

Your client's care in trusted hands

Every moment of contact between you and your customer is a moment to create value,and is therefore essential for the experience your customer has of your service.

So no more islands in your organization where time is lost or processes are sub-optimal. Your customer has multiple faces and is also your debtor, prospect and ambassador.

It is therefore very important that your customer service connects to this and can make the right connections during the contact moment.

For the financial service desk of your organization, we take care of the following activities:

Your organization has a large number of new and existing customers. Speed ​​and quality are crucial when processing the orders of your customers. Your customers want to be able to use their product or service as soon as possible. In addition, it is indispensable that the order processing team seamlessly connects to the sales team. This process is part of the first experience your customer has of the service provided by your company.

The order process has sometimes many fluctuations. Because of this, it can be challenging to manage the capacity well. This often comes at the expense of the speed of delivery and can involve high costs.

Q-linq has years of experience with the processing of orders in combination with customer research (CDD) for the financial sector. We process incoming orders quickly and accurately in accordance with the mandatory laws and regulations.

Often a lot of time can be gained in completing the orders. Think of supplementing data and / or documentation. Based on our experience, we have learned that it is important in this process to follow up on the new customer in the right way, so that the application time can be significantly reduced. If desired, we can also take care of this part of the order process for you.

Customer Due Dilligence (CDD)

It is important that you tailor the customer survey to your type of customers and the possible risk that they may impose. The documentation is also important, the evidence must be unambiguously recorded, saved and kept up to date during the period that the customer is connected to you.

It is important to you that customer research takes place quickly and efficiently so that the costs remain limited and the customer relationship can start quickly. In addition, customer research is also part of the total customer journey and smart solutions can optimize the customer experience right from the start.

We conduct customer research for various parties and can support and advise you in this.

We work with experienced employees in permanent employment.
We structurally expand our teams with employees from Social Return, and we create dedicated multi-skilled customer teams who feel involved with our partners and want to bring every contact moment to a Next Level.

Multi Skilled means that the employees have knowledge of all apects of the customer process. By having knowledge of the order process as well , for example, of the debtor process, enables this us to always be able to answer your customer as correctly as possible. In addition, we can provide service more efficiently during period fluctuations.

We are there to give your customers a perfect service. After all, customer experience is central and is your business card to the outside world. This starts at the beginning until the conclusion of the conversation. With your own dedicated team your customer is immediately addressed and almost every question can be answered by the same service expert

So no more islands in your organization where time is lost or processes are sub-optimal.

Your customer has multiple faces and is also your debtor, prospect and ambassador. It is therefore essential that your customer service connects to this and can make the right connections during the contact moment.

Whether it is a question about an order, an invoice or a technical problem; Our starting point is that during the contact moment your customer can go to the same person with all her questions and the customer experience becomes optimal. A better customer experience ensures higher retention and better advertising for your company.

Maintaining and developing customers is your goal. Q-Linq helps you with personal and online customer contact at about any channel. We design your customer contact strategy with modern systems and qualified employees.

A question from your customer can be made by telephone, mail or another medium; in every situation our team responds with the same care.

That is why we offer Chat, WhatsApp & Webcare in addition to inbound telephony & mail.

Your customers can chat live at your website or WhatsApp with our service experts. Because several calls can be conducted simultaneously, this form of customer service time is effective and customized.

Webcare is also an important part of a proactive customer service. What is said and written about your organization on social media? This is important information that not only enables you to identify your customer’s needs, but also anticipates immediately. The impact of positive feedback on social media and assessment websites for increasing sales is increasing. It is important that strategy is also determined for this.

From answering general questions, preventing and resolving issues to exceeding customer expectations. Your customer is in good hands with us.

Debtor management is part of the entire customer process

Within many organizations, the debtor management is separate from the other customer processes, which means that the communication flows do not connect well. The result of this is that, for example, objections about the invoice are not adequately refuted, as a result of which the invoice remains unpaid for longer periods and the customer experience deteriorates. It is therefore important to make the contact moments in the accounts receivable phase part of the entire customer process.

We are constantly looking for the right balance between the quick collection of funds and the maintenance of the customer relationship. The effective design of the amicable collection process significantly improves the cash flow and reduces costs because fewer things need to be handed over to a bailiff.

Through our full service concept we create an integrative service, where we manage various customer processes. This enables us to make the right assessments during the debtor process and follow them up correctly, which will result in your customer paying the outstanding invoice more quickly. This results in a healthier cash flow and at the same time maintaining the relationship with your customer.

Optimizing business processes has many dependencies. By having a good understanding of these dependencies and their mutual cohesion, the difference can be made between successful process optimisations or staying behind with frustration, dissatisfied customers or disinvestments. In determining the process improvement strategy, both the maturity of the organization itself and also the maturity of the processes must be considered.

In this way it can bring a lot of benefits by having your processes mapped out, so that unnecessary actions can be seen and eliminated. Optimizing processes reduces turnaround times, lowers your costs and ultimately results in a better customer experience.